Pine Hollow Boot Camp match Sunday, March 22, 2020
email sent Saturday, March 21, 2020


Hi Folks,

We have established new playing procedures over the week to help avoid the spread of Covid-19 virus to our members and patrons.   Our grill is a "to go only" option with no congregating in the snack bar or consuming food or beverage near the clubhouse or on outside patio area.  We have gotten rid of all rakes and ball washers on golf course.  We have implemented a daily sanitizing procedure for all our golf cars.  We play with the pins in no touching flag sticks.  Some courses have removed the flag sticks from their courses and some have also played with the cup raised an inch and if you hit the cup its considered holed.

With that being said, Any boot camp matches we plan to have I have decided to make even more enhanced procedures to help protect our families.  I plan to have another scrimmage or trial match tomorrow Sunday, March 22 weather permitting with the following new procedures.

  I will email out by 12pm Tomorrow to confirm we are still playing.

We will  have  tee times from 2pm-3pm with no subs.  So everyone will play 6 holes but everyone will play the 1st 6 holes.  Older kids will typically play earlier times while younger kids will play later times.   I will email tee times tomorrow morning Sunday so everyone will know their tee times.   Each group will meet at the golf car staging area near hole # 1 tee instead of putting green.  Please Arrive 10 minutes before tee time. Range balls will be available and optional so if hitting range arrive a little earlier.  Score monitors will continue to get free golf cars while all spectator golf cars are $10.00 and rented in golf shop.

New playing procedures for Kids.

Teammates will not mark their position on green.  They will point to the position with their club and move away once their teammate puts their ball down.

We will play with raised cup and no flags to completely avoid contact with the flag.

I will revaluate after this Sunday, March 22 match whether to continue with our season of boot camp or cancel.

  It is ultimately up to the families if they wish to continue tomorrow or back out of boot camp league. 

Below are options I will give families.

Option 1: Full refund if you decide to back out of league.

Option 2: Back out of league and allow the Pine Hollow fee $115.00 to go towards PGA Junior League for May and June. PGA Junior League is delayed currently to after May 10 so I will be updating the schedule for that.  Parents would only need to register to pgajrleague.com for the jersey kit.

Option 3.  Continue with tomorrow's play and if after this Sunday March 22 match Option 1 and 2 are available again if we decide to go no further with league or Parents decide to go no further if I feel comfortable continuing with league.


Please text or email whether you plan to attend the match tomorrow.  You can email if you plan to take one of the options above to back out.



Johnny Scott

Director of Golf

Pine Hollow Golf Club


email jscott@pinehollowgolf.com

mobile 919-801-2092

PGA Junior League 2020 Boot Camp
Registration is open now.

Our Spring boot camp will not require a jersey kit.

2 options below.  No jersey kit registration for Spring Boot Camp

Basic Registration  PineHollowOnline Store League Fee $115.00

Premium Registration  Includes Basic plus 3 private lessons $190.00

In the online store you will pick which night of practice works best either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
All Matches are on Sundays at 3pm.